Frog Type Finger Splints, Frog Splints Manufacturer, Aluminum Frog Finger Splints

A frog finger splint is for injuries sustained to the tip of a finger from hyper-extension. It is applicable when you bend the finger back instead of the normal forward bend, also called hyper-extension. Injuries such as this happen most to baseball and cricket players. You lay your finger in the splint and frog-like arms are designed to wrap around your finger and hold the splint on. This splint requires no tape.

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Frog Splint Mallet Finger

Frog Finger Splint for Mallet Finger

GPC Medical (CE & ISO Certified) is a reputed aluminum/foam frog finger splint manufacturer company from India. We are manufactured from high quality raw material procured from our trusted vendors. Frog finger splint is lightweight and breathable, and will not restrict the movement of any other fingers. We are manufacturer of aluminum frog splint, foam frog splint, frog type finger splints etc.

What are uses & types of finger splint for arthritis ?


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What are uses & types of finger splint for arthritis ?

Know uses & types of finger splint for arthritis

What is a Finger Splints?

A dynamic range of orthopedic splints; they protect, stabilize, support and correct injuries or abnormal alignment through the process of rehabilitation and recovery. Our finger spints are user friendly, easy to apply & remove and also provided with push-pull valve for hassle-free inflation. We provide both custom and off-the-shelf products. GPC Medical is an (CE & ISO Certified) leading finger splints/braces manufacturer company in India.

What is a Mallet Finger?
A mallet finger is a deformity of a finger caused when a certain tendon (the extensor tendon) is damaged. When a ball or other object strikes the tip of the finger or thumb, the force damages the thin tendon that straightens the finger. The force of the blow may even pull away a piece of bone along with the tendon.

Uses & Types of Finger Splints

Mallet Finger Splints:
Mallet Finger SplintMallet-Finger-Splints Provides hypertension of the interchangeable joints by means of the three point pressure system. A great choice for healing Mallet or Trigger fingers; controlling Swan Neck, Boutonniere deformity, hyper mobility; and protecting fractures or jammed fingers.

Finger Cot Splints (Protector):

Universal-Finger-CotsFinger Splint is used in the Condition requiring support and immobilization of interchangeable joints. Dislocations and sprain during sports and crushed fractures due to accidents.

Frog Finger Splints: 


By providing proper alignment of inter-phalanges joints, these splints help in curing several orthopedic conditions. These splints firmly hold the fingers in the desired position. Frog finger splints are made of malleable aluminium padded with polyurethane foam. Frog Splints is easy to remove so that the injury can be cleaned and examined.


Finger Extension Splints:

Finger-Extension-SplintsWe are regarded as the most trusted manufacturer and exporter of Finger Extension Splint. These used to hold injured finger in the desired position and to prevent further irritation and injury. Precisely designed at our state of the art machining facility, our Finger Extension Splint is made using quality materials procured from authentic vendors of the market. We offer these products to our clients at a reasonable price.

Thumb Abduction Splints: Thumb-Abduction-Splints

We make available Thumb Spica Split to our valuable customers. While it immobilizes the thumb, it does not restrict the movement of any other part of the hand. It has been designed for providing relief from pain and inflammation in case of thumb injury.



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Orthopedic Tubular Fixator, Tubular External Fixator, Tubular Fixator Manufacturer

Tubular External Fixator customized as per the specifications of our clients. These tubular external fixators are made from sterilized SS and have definitely reduced risk of infection. These tubular external fixator are designed and developed as per various medical standards.

The external fixator is one of the mainstays of operative fracture treatment. It allows “local damage control” for fractures with severe soft-tissue injuries and can be used for definitive treatment of many fractures as it provides relative stability, which results in healing by callus formation.

External fixation is an essential part of damage control surgery in polytrauma as it permits rapid stabilization of fractures with minimal additional (surgical) injury. Deformity correction and bone transport are also possible with external fixation.

GPC Medical is a government of india recognized star export house company. We are exporter and manufacturer of tubular external fixator from India.

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Double Adjustable clamp

Tubular Fixators – Double Adjustable clamp



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Ilizarov Ring Fixator, Ilizarov Fixator Manufacturer, Ilizarov External Fixator, Ring Fixator System

Ilizarov Small Bone Fixation System can be used for small, pediatric and upper extremity applications. With its smaller half rings, wires and lightweight design, the system permits stable fixation of very small bones, bone fragments and osteoporotic bones. Simultaneous corrections of multiplane deformities are also achieved with the same precision as the original Ilizarov system.

Ilizarov external fixator is the name of a device that is used to lengthen bones. It is a very powerful tool that may also be used to stabilize fractures, regrow lost bone or correct deformities in the length rotation or angles of bones.

External Ring Fixator System by GPC Medical India. Based on our advanced technology and expertise, we have emerged as reputed manufacturers of tubular external fixators. Our range includes connecting clamp, universal joints for two tubes (straight & curved), tube-to-tube clamp, schanz pin introducers and triple trocer set with handle. Fabricated in the finest grades of stainless steel and titanium, these have gained wide appreciation for being corrosion proof, durable and compact.

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Ilizarov Ring Fixator

Ilizarov External Fixator System


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Large Tibia Distractor, Femoral Distractor, Small Tibia & Femur Distractor, Orthopaedic Distractor Manufacturer

GPC Medical offer quality range of distractors for tibia and femur, which are available in a wide variety of structural designs. Designed in conformity with the WHO guidelines, these orthopaedic distractors are known for compactness and corrosion resistance. Fabricated in surgical stainless steel, these tibia & femur distractors have gained appreciation for apt fixation and recovery of fractured bones. We also customize our range as per the specific requirements. Our clients can procure these distractors at low prices.

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Tibia & Femur Distractor

Orthopedic Distractor


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Skin Graft Knife Handles, Skin Graft Knives Manufacturer, Skin Grafting Knife, Skin Graft Blades Knives Handle

We are among the prestigious organizations engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting quality range of Skin Graft Knife. These knives are manufactured by our professionals, using latest machines and high grade material sourced from the reputed vendors of the market. All these Skin Grafting Knives are manufactured according to the guidelines of the industry and also available in custom-built range as per the requirements of the clients.

Know more about Skin Graft Blades & Handles

Skin Grafting Knifes Handle

Surgical Skin Graft Blades & Handles

GPC Medical (WHO-GMP and ISO 9001 certified) is one of the most trusted names in the global markets of surgical devices and instruments. The company also offers a wide range of equipment for hospital, medical, scientific and laboratory applications. We are manufacturer of surgical skin graft blades & handles.

Skin Grafting Knifes Specifications:
•Manufactured by using high quality stainless steel
•Handle and stem equipped with mounted and adjustable roller
•Adjustable thickens of graft and blade holder
•Designed to fit Braithwaite, Cobbett & Watson handles
•Available in both carbon and stainless steel supplied sterile
•Packed in a medial grade pouch

Skin Grafting Knives Uses:
•Used for taking split skin grafts
•Used for coverage of raw surface composed of healthy vascularized or clean granulations to obtains healing and limit deformity and disability

Skin Grafting Knifes Procedure:
•The limp is held firmly after preparing the donor site
•The knife is held pressed firmly against the skin and the graft is removed with a steady to and for sawing motion
•The desired thickness of the graft can be obtained by adjusting the depth of the knife
•A very thin graft is translucent and the knife blade underneath appears bluish gray in color
•It leaves behind numerous small closely packed or confluent bleeding points
•The subcutaneous fat is seen in case if a full thickness graft


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Pneumatic Tourniquets, Medical Tourniquet, Surgical Tourniquets Manufacturer

The pneumatic tourniquet is a device needed during amputations to restrict the circulation of blood to the individual’s limbs. Its robust manometer is accurate and gives exact measurements. It also has a long life. Its features include a sturdy metal pump that produces pressure.

Pneumatic tourniquet cuffs are single- or dual-bladder inflatable cuffs designed to apply pressure on the arterial blood flow in a limb to create a bloodless surgical field. Tourniquet cuffs are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of limb circumferences.

A WHO-GMP and ISO 9001 certified company, GPC Medical is one of the most trusted names in the global markets of surgical devices and instruments. The company also offers a wide range of equipment for hospital, medical, scientific and laboratory applications. We are manufacturer of surgical pneumatic tourniquet, pneumatic tourniquet sets, pneumatic tourniquet cuffs etc.

Know more about Pneumatic Tourniquets

Personalized Tourniquet Cuffs

Inflatable (Pneumatic) Tourniquet

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