External Fixation Device, External Fixator Manufacturer, External Fixation System, External Fixator Device

External Fixation Device, External Fixator Device, External Fixation System, Fracture Fixation Device

External fixation is a device worn outside the body. This device, which is also called a fixator, is connected to the bone with bone screws or pins. The pins pass through the skin and sometimes the muscles, to connect the external fixator to the bone. Two or more pins are placed on either side of the break in the bone.
This may take about 6 weeks for a simple fracture, and up to one year or longer for a more complicated fracture. Using
external fixation as a treatment to heal your fracture may help you return to your normal activities more quickly.

GPC Medical (US FDA 510 (k) approved) is a star exporter house certified by government of India. We are a reputed Indian exporter & manufacturer company of India. We are worldwide exporter of orthopedic external fixators from India. Know more about our external fixator devices.

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External Fixator Device

External Fixation Device, External Fixator Device



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