What are uses & types of finger splint for arthritis ?

Know uses & types of finger splint for arthritis

What is a Finger Splints?

A dynamic range of orthopedic splints; they protect, stabilize, support and correct injuries or abnormal alignment through the process of rehabilitation and recovery. Our finger spints are user friendly, easy to apply & remove and also provided with push-pull valve for hassle-free inflation. We provide both custom and off-the-shelf products. GPC Medical is an (CE & ISO Certified) leading finger splints/braces manufacturer company in India.

What is a Mallet Finger?
A mallet finger is a deformity of a finger caused when a certain tendon (the extensor tendon) is damaged. When a ball or other object strikes the tip of the finger or thumb, the force damages the thin tendon that straightens the finger. The force of the blow may even pull away a piece of bone along with the tendon.

Uses & Types of Finger Splints

Mallet Finger Splints:
Mallet Finger SplintMallet-Finger-Splints Provides hypertension of the interchangeable joints by means of the three point pressure system. A great choice for healing Mallet or Trigger fingers; controlling Swan Neck, Boutonniere deformity, hyper mobility; and protecting fractures or jammed fingers.

Finger Cot Splints (Protector):

Universal-Finger-CotsFinger Splint is used in the Condition requiring support and immobilization of interchangeable joints. Dislocations and sprain during sports and crushed fractures due to accidents.

Frog Finger Splints: 


By providing proper alignment of inter-phalanges joints, these splints help in curing several orthopedic conditions. These splints firmly hold the fingers in the desired position. Frog finger splints are made of malleable aluminium padded with polyurethane foam. Frog Splints is easy to remove so that the injury can be cleaned and examined.


Finger Extension Splints:

Finger-Extension-SplintsWe are regarded as the most trusted manufacturer and exporter of Finger Extension Splint. These used to hold injured finger in the desired position and to prevent further irritation and injury. Precisely designed at our state of the art machining facility, our Finger Extension Splint is made using quality materials procured from authentic vendors of the market. We offer these products to our clients at a reasonable price.

Thumb Abduction Splints: Thumb-Abduction-Splints

We make available Thumb Spica Split to our valuable customers. While it immobilizes the thumb, it does not restrict the movement of any other part of the hand. It has been designed for providing relief from pain and inflammation in case of thumb injury.



Browse our website for Finger Splints detail description & features :  http://www.orthopaedic-implants.net/finger_splints_india.html


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