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A frog finger splint is for injuries sustained to the tip of a finger from hyper-extension. It is applicable when you bend the finger back instead of the normal forward bend, also called hyper-extension. Injuries such as this happen most to baseball and cricket players. You lay your finger in the splint and frog-like arms are designed to wrap around your finger and hold the splint on. This splint requires no tape.

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Frog Splint Mallet Finger

Frog Finger Splint for Mallet Finger

GPC Medical (CE & ISO Certified) is a reputed aluminum/foam frog finger splint manufacturer company from India. We are manufactured from high quality raw material procured from our trusted vendors. Frog finger splint is lightweight and breathable, and will not restrict the movement of any other fingers. We are manufacturer of aluminum frog splint, foam frog splint, frog type finger splints etc.

What are uses & types of finger splint for arthritis ?


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