GPC Medical Limited is a reputed indian exporter & manufacturer company from india. We can supply following: please point out which you are interesting, then we send catalogue to you.
1. Operating Table and Delivery Table
2. Operating Lamp
3. Suction Unit
4. Autoclave and sterilizer
5. Color Doppler
6. Patient Monitor
7. ECG Machine
8. infusion pump and syringe pump
9. Ventilator and Anaesthetic machines
10. Ceiling Pendant and Medical Air Compressor, oxygen concentrator, oxygen gas cylinders
11. Hospital Bed, Medical Trolley and all furniture of hospital.
12. Stretcher, AED,Defibrillator with ECG Monitor
13. Ultrasonic aspirator
14. Chemistry Analyzer,Hematology Analyzer, Biological Safety Cabinets, centrifuge, dry oven, incubator,microscope, Automatic Tissue Processor, Microtone,Embedding Bed wax Dispenser etc lab equipments
15.blood bank refrigerator, Dialysis Machine
16.Dental Unit, Dental autoclave etc Dental Equipments
17.Blood lancet steel type, Capillary tubes, Wax plate etc disposable products
18. infant incubator, infant warmer, infant phototherapy unit etc infant equipments.

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